Total Facilities Management

Heating and Ventilation

We are able to offer you a number of services.

A full service maintenance contract can be obtained and put into place to ensure that regular checks are carried out allowing all the equipment to function efficiently and effectively. This also allows any problems to be detected early and resolved before more damage is caused, ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.

We offer a full design and install of our equipment ensuring that we work closely with the client to meet their needs but also look at the premises requirements and ensure they are also met. Our team of experienced and fully qualified engineers will carry out a full site survey before advising and consulting with the client on the best approach and equipment that meets their needs.

Testing and commissioning is highly important for all heating and ventilation systems. By implementing this we can ensure that all the systems and equipment are working correctly and efficiently. This is done and verified at the highest standards and compliant with all regulations at all times. This gives the client peace of mind that everything is functioning to its best ability.