Total Facilities Management

What is
Total Facilities Management ?

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Total Facilities Management (TFM) is a single source of supply for all your facilities management needs. TFM requires an ongoing partnership with the service provider.

Service providers give a total price to deliver all support services either through their own directly employed staff or by using outside third party providers, which saves the customer time and costs.

Benefits of TFM

Effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business.

The major benefits of adopting the TFM approach include:

  • Lower bid prices
  • Fixed prices
  • Transfer of some risk
  • Single point of contact for the customer
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Reduced administration
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Detailed information on assets and their condition
  • Optimisation of staff and multi-skilled workers

A one-stop-shop for all your Facilities Management needs

As part of the drive to deliver improved public services and achieve best value for the public purse, you may be considering outsourcing all of your non-core activities (such as cleaning, security, reception services etc) to a facilities management provider like us here at Total Facilities Management.

TFM offers a one-stop-shop solution to achieve this aim and to improve your business efficiency, guarantee you savings and give you peace of mind. TFM enables customers to concentrate on their core activities, therefore they can often redeploy staff to other front-line roles due to a lower number of resources being required to carry out the service in-house or manage the FM contract.

Customers realise price savings as a result of procuring one large contract for various integrated services as opposed to a number of different contracts for individual single services.

TFM has additional scope for flexibility, as service providers are able to change sub-contractors within their supply chain during the life of a contract with a customer in cases where there is under-performance, provided that this is in agreement with the customer.

Delivery Methods

Essentially there are three types of operational model which can be adopted when delivering TFM, as follows:

  • Management - Where the FM service provider takes responsibility for delivering the service requirements but does so through partnering and sub-contracting relationships, and therefore only self delivers the management element of the contract
  • Sub-Contracting - Where the FM service provider takes responsibility for delivering the service requirements but does so through a mixture of self-delivery, partnering and sub-contracting relationships
  • Self-Delivery - Where the FM service provider is responsible for delivering the service requirement wholly through their own organisational structure and labour force

Whatever your requirements may be, you can pick any, or all of the following to make the perfect package for you:

  • Heath & Safety Advice
  • Office Equipment Procurement
  • Post Room Services
  • Financial Control & Reporting
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • External & Internal Landscaping
  • Storage
  • Fire Protection
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Cleaning & Washroom Services
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Water Purification Treatments
  • Space Planning
  • Signage
  • Interior Design
  • PPM Building Maintenance Services
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Security
  • Relocation
  • Environmental Monitoring

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